Do you ever look at a hawk gliding in the air and you become awestruck? So agile and graceful. Have you ever wondered how land looks from up there? The excitement that comes with falling fast from the air and the ground quickly coming for you? You no longer have to wonder! We offer parajumping to both experts and beginners at an affordable rate. We are the site that makes all your dreams of flying come true.

What we offer

To us, parajumping is not just a course but a passion burning deep in our hearts. We share this passion through the various courses offered including:

  • Tandem parajumping- are you a beginner who is looking to try out parajumping? This introductory course is for you! Fear not for you will be delicately handled.
  • Static line parajumping- feed your curiosity and make you first jump with us today! We assure you it will be nothing short of exhilarating and exciting.
  • Accelerated freefall (AFF) – ever wondered how skydivers can do a couple of exercises in the air? You don’t have to wonder anymore! Through our instructors, you will also get a chance to make another person wonder.

We guarantee you nothing but the best course with highly trained and qualified instructors to take you through it. Safety precautions and dedication to our students are things we take very seriously. Like a bird teaches its hatchling to fly, we teach you how to skydive. You will be in able and safe hands.

We are available for various events like:

  • Corporate team buildings.
  • Group team training.
  • Honeymoons and anniversaries.
  • Birthdays and other parties.

Events are not all we do, but also groups and individuals willing to take a parajumping course.

What are you waiting for? Sign up with us today!

No words are enough to describe the amazing feeling that comes with being in the air. The freedom and the feeling of being free without a worry or care in the world, the amazing sceneries enjoyable from the skies and the boldness of doing something presumed to be dangerous.

Take a break from your normal life and be the bird you always wanted to be. Dare to be bold and courageous and face any fear of heights you may have heads on with the help of our highly skilled instructors. We are always glad to help beginners turn into expert licensed skydivers. Sign up with us today for an amazing chance to make your parajumping dreams come true!