If you like the adrenaline rush that goes with extreme sports then it is time to try parajumping.  You have seen it in movies and on television and probably thought to yourself “I need to try that”!  Parajumping intrigues those that crave excitement.  We offer jump options for the most experienced parajumper and the novice alike.  If you are new to parajumping you’re going to have to go through our jump school first.  Here are some of the services that we offer.

Parajumping School

Parajumping is a dangerous activity, that’s why all of our students must successfully pass our comprehensive safety seminar first.  Our team is full of certified experts who have thousands of jumps under their belts.  You will learn about the gear that is used in parajumping and how it used and how it is there to keep you safe and make for a successful jump.  Our instructors have taught thousands of jumpers just like you and we pride ourselves on having an impeccable safety record.  We are an established school that has been teaching parajumpers for almost a decade.

The Cost

While our costs are comparable to any other parajumping school in the country, parajumping itself is definitely not the cheapest hobby you can take up.  Costs are higher for first time jumpers because of the training course and that course is a must.  However you can expect the cost to be significantly lower the next time you come and jump with us.  Included in our prices is the cost of renting the gear, that include the parachute, helmet and the jumpsuit.  First time jumpers can expect to spend somewhere in the $300-$400 range and that will include everything.

You will spend the entire day with us.  In the morning we will start with the safety training and jump school.  We will take you through all of your equipment and how to use in properly.  We break for a short lunch and after that we take you up in our plane where you will tandem jump with an instructor for the first time.

Group Events

We do offer group options and this is a great idea for a group of friends that want to try parajumping for the first time.  We have also catered to bachelor and bachelorette parties for the adventurous wedding parties.

If you would like more information on parajumping and how you can get started then please feel free to contact us.